নদিয়ার সংস্কৃতি চর্চা (Nadiyar Samskriti Carca)

The present book contains several essays on the history of Nadia. Some of the essays focus on the history and archaeological importance of Nadia. Some other essays focus on the cultural activities in Navadvipa. There are some other essays that describe the literacy and library in Nadia. Folk theaters (jātrā) and modern theaters in Nadia have also been talked about in some essays.

तर्कामृत (Tarkāmṛta)

In this book, Jagadīśa Tarkalaṃkāra expounds on all the major issues that one finds in Navya-Nyāya. It is a compendium of Navya-Nyāya philosophy.

Gādādhari Volume-1

In these two volumes, Gadādhara Bhattācārya offers a detailed analysis of the views found in Tattvacintāmaṇi of Gaṅgeśa and in Dīdhiti of Raghunātha Śiromaṇi. Almost all the major conclusions of Navya-Nyāya have been explained with great defence.

নদিয়া চর্চা (Nadiya Charcha)

The present work is a collection of essays on the history of Nadia. The book is divided into four chapters. The first chapter contains essays on the historical and archaeological importance of Nadia. The second chapter consists of articles focussing on the local religious, political and cultural events in Nadia. The third chapter consists of essays focussing on the sports events and cultural events in Nadia. The last chapter has essays referring to the debate concerning the birthplace of Chaitanyadeva.

अनुमितेमानसत्त्वबिचाररहस्यम् (Anumiter Mānasatvavicārarahasyam)

Harirama Tarkavagisa, in this book, examines the proposal that inference could be subsumed under supersensual perception as accepted in Nyāya. Harirama argues that not all cases of inference could be so explained. He imagines all sorts of possible objections to the view that inference, really speaking, is a kind of perception and refutes all these, defending the thesis that inference is to be regarded as an independent source of knowledge.

Gadādhara’s Theory of Objectivity Viṣayatāvāda (Part-One)

In this volume, Sibajiban Bhattacharyya presents an analysis of the fundamental concepts in Navya-Nyāya. The themes that have been discussed in this book are 1. Navya-Nyāya theory of Relation, Being in Aristotle and Navya-Nyāya, Navya-Nyāya theory of universals, Navya-Nyāya theory of abstraction, Navya-Nyāya theory of definition, Navya-Nyāya theory of causation, Comparative analysis of Frege and Gadādhara.