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Charudattam is a Bengali translation of the drama Charudatta written by Bhāsa. This edition also contains explanatory notes by Kumudranjan Ray in English. The introduction deals with the significance of the dramas of Bhasa in general and Charudattam in particular.

Dūtaghatotkacam दुतघतोत्कचम्

Dūtaghatokacam is an English rendering of the drama called Dūtaghatokacam written by Bhasa. C.R.Devadhar translated and added explanatory notes in English.

Pratijñāyaugandharāyaṇam प्रतिज्ञायॊगन्धरायण्म

Pratijñāyaugandharāyaṇam is an edition of the original Sanskrit drama thought to be written by Bhāsa. C.R.Devadhara edited this book with an English translation and explanatory notes.


Svapnavasavadattam is an English rendering of the drama Svapnavasavadattam written by Bhasa. Saradaranjan Ray has added his own Sanskrit commentary along with a Bengali translation of the original text. In the introduction, the translator offers an analysis of the features of the literary contribution of Bhasa.