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Philosophy and Religion

The present book is a collection of essays written by J.L.Mehta. The essays are attempts to understand and interpret various aspects of classical Indian philosophical, religious and cultural ethos. Being inspired by Heideggerian hermeneutics, the author tries to disclose the hidden ideas present in different ancient Indian philosophical-religious ideas. All these essays interpret the historicity of some salient ideas and bring out their significance to the modern reader.

The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger

The present book is a detailed exposition of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger written by J.L.Mehta. The book is divided into three parts. The first part offers an introduction to Heidegger’s thought. The second part offers an analysis of the main themes that Heidegger deals with in his Being and Time. In the third part, Mehta situates Heidegger in the context of Western Metaphysical tradition and brings out the philosophical significance of his thoughts.