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Niruktam is a commentary in Sanskrit on the original Nirukta written by Yaska. The commentary is written by Mukunda Sharma. The present volume contains commentary on three chapters of the original Nirukta, viz. 1. Naighantukakanda, 2. Naigamakanda and 3. Daivatakanda.

Proceedings of The Thirty-Second Indian Philosophical Congress Srinagar, Kashmir

Proceedings of The Thirty-Second Indian Philosophical Congress, Srinagar, Kashmir is a collection of select papers presented in the Indian Philosophical Congress. The Editorial Board of the Proceedings consists of G.R.Malkani, T.M.P.Mahadevan, J.N.Chubb, S.K.Saksena and N.A.Nikam. Other than the Inaugural Address and the Presidential Address, the proceedings contain articles on each of the sections of the Congress and also some papers presented in the symposium.

The Poet’s Philosophy of Life

The Poet’s Philosophy of Life is a study of Rabindranath Tagore’s idea of religion and philosophy by Saumyendranatah Tagore.

The Sāṁkhya System: A History of the Sāṁkhya Philosophy

The Samkhya System by A.B. Keith offers a brief history of Sāṁkhya philosophy. There are eight chapters in the book that traces the history and development of Sāṁkhya philosophy from the Upanisads to the later Sāṁkhya.