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The Philosophy of Kalidas Bhattacharyya

This book on the Philosophy of Kalidas Bhattacharyya was edited by Daya Krishna with the assistance of A.M. Ghose and P.K. Srivastava. This Volume came out as a part of the Indian Philosophical Quarterly Publication. This can be seen as reflections on the final formulation of Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s entire philosophical position. This is a Festschrift volume in honour of Kalidas Bhattacharyya. The contributors have written on the philosophical works of Bhattacharyya to which he has responded in the end. The volume includes the following essays:
  1. K.L. Sharma – “A Step Beyond K.C. Bhattacharyya
  2. Daya Krishna – “Kalidas Bhattacharyya and the Logic of Alternation”
  3. S. K. Chattopadhyaya – “Alternative Standpoints of Philosophy
  4. K.K. Bagchi – “Subjective and Objective Attitudes as Alternatives – A Study of Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s View of ‘Knowledge – Object Unity’”
  5. N.K. Sharma – “Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s Philosophy of Absolute Alternatives
  6. R.S. Bhatnagar “Philosophy and Meta-Philosophy – Study of a Fundamental Dichotomy in Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s Thought”
  7. Yogesh Gupta – “Presuppositions of Science and Philosophy – A Critical Note on the Notion of Metastudy in Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s Philosophy”
  8. M.K. Bhadra – “Kalidas Bhattacharyya’s View of Freedom and Existentialist Thought”
  9. R.P. Pandey – “Kalidas Bhattacharyya and the Indian Concept of Man”
  10. K.J. Shah – “Religion – Sophisticated and Unsophisticated”
  11. Kalidas Bhattacharyya – My Reflections