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Vaibhāṣika Darśaṇ বৈভাষিক দর্শন

The present book contains a detailed presentation of the main philosophical ideas of Vaibhaṣika school of Buddhism. The book is in two volumes. The first volume has the following chapters: 1. Introducing Sarvāstivāda, 2. Determining the asamskṛta qualities, 3, Rupaskandha, 4. Determining momentariness, 5. Hetuphalābhāva, 6. Citta cittasāmānya, 7. Pratītyasamutpada, 8. Refutation of God, 9. Avayavaikhnaḍana and 10. Anasrava samskṛta dharma. The second volume contains the following chapters: 1. Pramāṇa, 2. Pratyakṣa and 3, Anumāna.

क्रोड्पत्त्रसंग्रहः (Krodapattrasangraha or Critical Notes)

This book is a collection of short essays by Kāliśankara Siddhāntavāgīsa on different issues in Navya-Nyāya. The essays in the present collection include discourses on Gadādhara’s theory of Prāmāṇya, 2. Gadādhara’s theory of Anumāna, 3. On Vyāptipañcaka, 4. On Siṅhavyāghralakṣaṇa, 5. Gadādhara’s theory of Vyādhikaraṇa, 6. On the Siddhāntalakṣaṇa, 7. Gadādhara’s theory of Anugama of Vyāpti, 8. Gadādhara’s theory of Pakṣatā, 10. Gadādhara’s theory of Avayava, 11. Gadādhara’s theory of Sāmānyanirukti, 12. On Savyabhicara, 13. On Sādharaṇa, 14. On Asādharaṇa and 15. On Satpratipakṣa.