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Īśvarasiddhivivecanam (Part-I) ईश्वर – सिद्धि – विवेचनम्

This book, written by Dinanath Tripathi, contains a discussion on the Nyāya argument for the existence of God. Here one finds a detailed discussion on the first vipratipatti sentence alluded to Nyāyakusumāñjali where the views of  the Cārvākas and other philosophers have been presented and refuted.

Katipaya Darsanik Prabandha কতিপয় দার্শনিক প্রবন্ধ

The present book is a collection of essays authored by Rasviray Das. The book contains twenty-one chapters. One of the important themes discussed in this book is the nature of philosophy. Das dwells on the distinction between science and philosophy and the role of philosophy in society. The relation between philosophy and religion and other allied issues have been deliberated on. Das articulates his views on some of the key issues in metaphysics like the nature of space and time, the problem of evil, and proofs for the existence of god. The last chapter deals with the philosophy of K.C.Bhattacharyya.