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Sri Sri Gouriya-Vaiṣṇava-Avidhāna (Volume- 2,3,4) শ্রীশ্রীগৌড়ীয়-বৈষ্ণব-অভিযান

Sri Sri Gaudiya-Vaisnava Abhidhan is a dictionary of all the important names and terms in the history of Gaudiya-Vaisnava philosophy. This book consists of four volumes. The first volume contains Sanskrit names and those names that are directly derived from Sanskrit. The second volume contains terms that are used in the bhakti literature known as padavali sahitya. The third volume contains names of all the persons who were close to Sri Chaitanya Deva and who contributed to the propagation of Gaudiya-Vaisnava philosophy. The fourth volume contains the names and significance of the different pilgrim centres. Presently we have the second, third and fourth volumes with us.