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An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

The present book contains Hume’s Essay along with an introduction by J.N.Mohanty. In his introduction, Mohanty presents his understanding of some of the central ideas that Hume articulates in the Essay.

Nicolai Hartmann and Alfred North Whitehead: A Study in Recent Platonism

This book, written by J.N.Mohanty, is a comparative study of Idealism as found in the works of Hartmann and Whitehead. The book contains four chapters: 1. Nichilao Hartmann’s Philosophy of Ideal Being, 2. A.B.Whitehead’s Doctrine of Eternal Objects, 3. Nicholai Hartmann and Alfred North Whitehead: A critical and Comparative Study and 4. Conclusions. The author presents how Platonism has been articulated in the works of these two philosophers.

Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy

Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy is a collection of essays edited by D.P.Chattopadhyaya, Lester Embree and  J.N.Mohanty. There are twenty-six essays in this volume and all the essays deal with several aspects of phenomenological philosophy and study these insights from the perspective of classical Indian philosophical standpoint. The last essay in this volume, authored by D.P.Chattopadhyaya, contains a philosophical evaluation of the salient points that emerge from the essays in the collection.

Phenomenology: East and West (Essays in Honor of J.N.Mohanty)

Phenomenology: East and West is a collection of essays on the philosophy of J.N.Mohanty. This book is edited by Frank M.Kirkland and D.P.Chattopadhyaya. All the essays deal with various aspects of Mohanty’s philosophical views ranging from his exploration of theory of meaning to articulating the possibility of transcendental philosophy.