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Banbhatta’s Kadambari

Kadambari is an English rendering and explanation of one part of Kadambari viz. Sukanasopadesa. The book edited and translated by Kumudranjan Ray starts with a brief description of the main storyline of Kadambari preceded by a short biography of Banabhatta, the author of Kadambari.

Kadambari কাদম্বরী

Kadambari by Banabhatta is an important literary piece that employs long poetic descriptions in the form of prose. The present work is a Bengali translation of Kadambari, by Prabodhendunath Tagore, with an Introduction by Rabindranath Tagore. The Bengali translation clearly exhibits the poet’s fascination for longish descriptions of events and characters. The entire story is told by a bird called Suka who was a sage in the earlier birth.