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Bhārtīya Saṃskṛti o Anekānta Vedānta ভারতীয় সংস্কৃতি ও অনেকান্ত বেদান্ত

In this book Kalidas Bhattacharya, the author, defends what he calls ‘anekānta vedānta’. The author extracts some of the views accepted in general by all the schools of Vedānta. And then it has been shown how the Vedānta philosophy assimilates the apparently contrary views under one truth. And this facet of Vedānta has had a deep influence on the Indian outlook towards life and the world.

On The Concepts of Relation and Negation in Indian Philosophy

The present book, written by Kalidas Bhattacharya, offers an analysis of the two important Indian philosophical notions, viz. relation and negation. Both these notions have been formulated by Indian philosophers and have been applied to advance their respective metaphysical and epistemological theses. The author brings in several corresponding ideas from Western philosophy to highlight the uniqueness of these two notions as formulated by classical Indian philosophers.