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An Introduction to The Mind and Art of Kālidās and Bhavabhūti

An Introduction to the Mind and Art of Kalidas and Bhavabhuti is a short introduction to the study of love as a sentiment and its literary expression as one finds in the works of Kalidasa and Bhavabhuti. Guruprasanna Bhattacharya, the author of the book, concludes that Kalidas is an ideal poet of nature and Bhavabhuti is an ideal port of the human mind.

Kalidaser Granthabali (Volume-3) কালিদাসের গ্রন্থাবলী

Kalidaser Granthavali (third part) is a Bengali translation and explanation of Abhijnanasakuntalam, Vikramovasiyam and Dwatrinsat-Puttalika.  In the introduction, Rajendranath Vidyabhusan, the translator and the editor, briefly presents the debate concerning the time of Kalidasa  and the significance of his contribution.

Meghduter Bhumika মেধদূতের ভূমিকা

Meghduter Bhumika is a critical assessment of the contribution of Kalidasa with special reference to Meghaduta. Parbaticharan Bhattacharya, the author of this book, offers an introduction to the literary and philosophical ideas embedded in Meghaduta. The author locates Meghaduta in the general category of the dutakavya.

Raghuvansam (Canto-VI) सारस्बत – शतकम

Raghuvansam is a Bengali translation of, along with explanatory notes in English on, the sixth canto of Raghuvansam written by Kalidasa. Mallinatha’s commentary on the relevant part has also been added by Haricharan Gangopadhyay and Ramgopala Bhattacharya who are the editors of the present volume.

Raghuvansam রঘুবংশ

Raghu Vamsa is a Bengali translation of the original epic Raghu Vamsa of Kalidasa. The translation is done in Bengali verse. The translation extends to the fifteen cantos of the original text. Nobin Chandra Das, the translator, often quotes the original Sanskrit verses in the footnote to explain his translation.