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Mahabharata মহাভারত

Mahābhārata is a Bengali translation of the original text. This was translated by Kaliprasanna Singha sometime during 1298 Bengali. This translation is in prose form.

Pandava-Vikramam पाण्दब् बिक्र्म्म्

Pandavavikramamam is a modern-day epic composed by Srijiva Nyāyatīrtha. The main storyline of the epic is borrowed from Vana Parva and Virata Parva of Mahābhārata. The epic depicts the heroic acts of the Pāndavas during their exile, sometimes living incognito.

Uttarakurukṣetram उत्तरकुरुक्षेत्रम्

Uttarakurukṣetram is a drama written by Viśveśvara Vidyābhūṣaṇa based on the events in Mahābharata. The author laments over the degeneration in the social life of post-independent India and recreates the events that followed the war of Kurukṣetra.