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Gaṅgeśa’s Theory of Indeterminate Perception (Nirvikalpakavāda) Part- 1

In the part one of this book, Sibajiban Bhattacharyya, presents an introductory analysis of Navya-Nyāya philosophy. The book is divided into five chapters: 1. The Navya-Nyāya Theory of Cognition, 2. Some basic Concepts of Navya-Nyāya, 3. Navya-Nyāya Theory of Inference, 4. Some Terms of the Technical Language of Navya-Nyāya and 5. Some Aspects of Navya-Nyāya Theory of Language.

Navya-Nyāya Bhāṣāpradīpaḥ नब्य-न्याय भाषाप्रदीप:

The present book, written by Maheśa Chandra Nyāyaratna, translated and explained in Bengali by Kalipada Tarkāchārya, is an attempt to explain the meaning of some of the technical terms used in Navya-Nyāya philosophy. Since many of these terms like dharma, abhāva, lakṣaṇa etc. are used in many classical systems of Indian philosophy, understanding the significance of these terms is a prerequisite in the study of many schools of Indian philosophy.