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Nyāya Darśne Parāmarśa ন্যায় দর্শনে পরামর্শ

This book, written by Aruna Chakrabarti, offers an analysis of the role of parāmarśa in the generation of inferential knowledge. The book is divided into five chapters: 1. The nature and definition of parāmarśa, 2. Kinds of parāmarśa, 3. Parāmarśa as the cause or vyāpāra , 4. Parāmarśa as the cause of anumiti and 5. The relation between pakṣata and parāmarśa. Since Inference is a recognized source of knowledge for Nyāya, an analysis of parāmarśa as the cause of inferential knowledge forms an integral part of any discussion on Nyāya epistemology.

The Nyāya Theory of Knowledge

The present book is a detailed exposition of Nyāya epistemology. The book contains twenty chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. The nature and forms of knowledge, 3. Valid knowledge and its method, 4. The factors of valid knowledge, 5. The test of truth and error, 6. The definition of perception, 7. The psychology of perception, 8. Ordinary perception and its objects, 9. Three modes of ordinary perception, 10. Extraordinary perception, 11. The nature of inference, 12. The grounds of inference, 13. Classification and Logical forms of inference, 14. The fallacies of inference, 15. The nature and forms of upamāna, 16. Upamāna as an independent source of knowledge,  17. The nature and classification of śabda, 18. Of words, 19, Of sentences, 20. Other sources of knowledge. This book thus offers an analysis of the different pramāṇas accepted by Nyāya.