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Object Content and Relation

This book by Kalidas Bhattacharyya considers the relation between Consciousness and it’s Object. Once we ask the question “Is there anything intermediate between consciousness and object?”, we come up with the answer “Content”. Now, what is this Content and is there such an intermediate thing between Consciousness and Object? This is a question that needs to be answered. This book explores the relationship between Objects and Consciousness via the idea of Content. The book is divided into two chapters. This first chapter is on “Object and Content”. The second is on “Relation”. The first chapter deals with:
  • Analysis of Thought and Memory
  • Analysis of Perception: Idealism and Realism
  • Analysis of Perception – Illusion as to Judgment
  • Some Theories of Illusion Examined
  • Content and Object as Alternatives
  • Criterion of Reality
  • Real and Non-Real Appearances
The second chapter deals with
  • The Notion of Relation
  • Classification of Relations
  • The So-called Puzzles of Relation
  • Relation – Is it Subjective, Objective or Dialectical?
  • External and Internal Relation
  • Some Theories of Relation