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Vyākaraṇ- Mahābhāṣya (Paspaśānhika) ব্যাকরণ – মহাভাষ্য

This book is edited and translated into Bengali by Dandiswami Damodar Asram. The present work contains the introductory part of the Vyākaraṇa-Mahābhāṣya written by Patañjali. This introductory part is known as Paṣpasa. Here the translator starts with a discussion on the definition of the word as given by Patañjali. This is followed by a detailed discourse on the utility of undertaking the study of vyākaraṇa. In this book, one also comes across an analysis of Patañjalis views on the nature of meaning, the nature of the relation of word and meaning, different uses of a word etc.

Yoga Psychology of Patañjali And Some Other Aspects of Indian Psychology

In this book Dinesh Chandra Bhattacaharya presents an analysis of different aspects of mind as put forward by Patanjali. There are ten chapters in the book: 1. Yoga psychology of Patañjali, 2. The unconsciousness in Yoga psychology, 3. The four emotional categories in Advaita Vedānta, 4. Pratibhā jñāna or intuitive knowledge in Indian philosophies, 5. Indian psychology with special reference to Ayurveda, 6. Dream in Indian psychology, 7. Psychology of emotions, 8. Avasthā or states of mind, 9. Illusion, hallucination and fantasy and 10. Psychology of education and educational conduct. Thus this book offers an understanding of Patanjali’s theory of mind.