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A Study of Patañjali

The present book, written by Surendranatah Dasgupta, is a philosophical exposition of the views of Patañjali. There are ten chapters in the book: 1. Introductory: Beginning with Puruṣa and Prakṛti, 2. Puruṣa and Guṇas in Sāṁkhya-Yoga Cosmogony, 3. Cosmic Evolution: An Analysis, 4. Theories of Evolution and God, 5. Ethical Doctrines, 6. Lead to Salvation: Ethical Practices, 7. Yogic Conduct of Life, 8. Analysis of Miscellaneous Doctrines, 9. Sphoṭavāda: Semantic Theory and 10. Recapitulation. In this book, the reader finds a detailed analysis of the entire philosophy of Patañjali.

Fundamental Questions of Indian Metaphysics and Logic

Susil Kumar Maitra, in this book, offers an analysis of some of the key metaphysical and logical ideas available in classical Indian philosophy. The book is divided into two parts: I. Metaphysics and II. Logic. Under the part ‘Metaphysics’ the author discusses the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness, Nyāya theories of causality, universal, samavāya, viśeṣa, self etc. The Nyāya proofs for the existence of god and the Sāṃkhya theory of plurality of puruṣa have also been presented. The author incorporates an analysis of Jaina’s theory of saptabhaṅginaya and Saṅkarācārya’s analysis of the idea of falsity. Under the Logic part, the author presents the different theories of perception, inference, śabda, upamāna, arthāpatti and anupalabdhi. The author also includes discussions on Apoha and theories of validity.

Sāṃkhyadarśan সাংখ্যদর্শন

This book, written by Bhupendranath Bhattacharya, is a detailed presentation of the main features of Sāṃkhya philosophy. There are seven chapters in the book that contain discussions on Saṃkhya theory of pramāṇa, Sāṃkhya theory of god, Sāṃkhya theory of causation, Sāṃkhya theory of guṇa, Sāṃkhya theory of prakṛti, Sāṃkhya theory of puruṣa, Sāṃkhya theory of mahat-tattva, Sāṃkhya theory of subtle body, Sāṃkhya theory of bhautika sarga, Sāṃkhya theory of pralaya, Sāṃkhya theory of liberation respectively.

Śrīmadbhagavatgītā (Rāmānuja Bhāsya) শ্রীমদভগবদগীতা (রামানুজ ভাষ্য)

The present book is an analysis of Ramanujacarya’s commentary on Śrimadbhagavadgītā. Yatindra Ramanujacarya presents a detailed analysis of Ramanujacarya’s views on all the verses of Śrimadbhagavadgītā. The author highlights the important lessons of Śrimadbhagavadgītā as follows: 1. Knowledge of the distinction between prakṛti and puruṣa, 2. Karmayoga, 3. Knowledge of self, 4. Knowledge of god, 6. Production of bhakti, 7. Upāsanā, 7. Surrender to god.