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Fundamental Questions of Indian Metaphysics and Logic

Susil Kumar Maitra, in this book, offers an analysis of some of the key metaphysical and logical ideas available in classical Indian philosophy. The book is divided into two parts: I. Metaphysics and II. Logic. Under the part ‘Metaphysics’ the author discusses the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness, Nyāya theories of causality, universal, samavāya, viśeṣa, self etc. The Nyāya proofs for the existence of god and the Sāṃkhya theory of plurality of puruṣa have also been presented. The author incorporates an analysis of Jaina’s theory of saptabhaṅginaya and Saṅkarācārya’s analysis of the idea of falsity. Under the Logic part, the author presents the different theories of perception, inference, śabda, upamāna, arthāpatti and anupalabdhi. The author also includes discussions on Apoha and theories of validity.

Kāṭhakopaniṣada কাঠকোপনিষদ

This book is a detail exposition of Saṅkarācārya’s commentary on Kāthopaniṣada by Brahmacari Medhacaitanya.  This book alludes to the story of Naciketas asking Yama about the destiny of man after death. Yama responds to the query by elaborating on the nature of self that survives the physical death of a man.

Mundakopaniṣada মুন্ডকোপনিষদ

This book written by Brahmacari Medhacaitanya is an elaborate exposition of Sankaracarya’s commentary on Munakopaniṣad. The main content of the discussion revolves around the nature of Brahman, the nature of the knowledge of Brahman and the story of the creation of the entire universe from Brahman.

Vedānta-Darśanam (Volume-1) বেদান্ত দর্শনম (১ম খন্ড)

The author of this book, Kalivar Vedantavagisa, presents a detail exposition of Saṅkarācarya’s commentary on Vedānta-Sutra along with a presentation of the views of the author of the commentary called ’Bhāmati’. This book extends to the four chapters of the Vedānta-Sutra. Durgacaran Sāṁkhya-Vedānta-tirtha adds his own understanding of the different interpretations of various sutras.

Vedāntadarśanam (Volume-4) : বেদান্তদর্শনম (৪র্থ খন্ড)

The author of this book, Kalivar Vedantavagisa, presents a detail exposition of Saṅkarācārya’s commentary on Vedānta-Sūtra. This book also contains an analysis of the views of Bhāmatī in many places. This book ends with an analysis of the meanings of the śruti statements alluded to in the commentary of Saṅkarācārya but let out in the Bhāmatī commentary.