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History of Sanskrit Poetics

History of Sanskrit Poetics is a detailed historical survey of Sanskrit literary theory. Sushil Kumar Dey, the author of the book, divides the work into two volumes. The first volume contains ten chapters starting with Bharata and ending with a discussion of some minor writers of Alankara. The second volume contains ten chapters starting  with Bhamaha and ending with a discussion of the writers of Kavi-śikṣā.

History of Sanskrit Poetics (by P. V. Kane)

History of Sanskrit Poetics by P.V.Kane is a historical survey of Sanskrit Poetics. The book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of thirty-nine chapters where the author presents the main contents of the major world in Sanskrit Poetics. The second part contains sixteen chapters where one finds a brief survey of the main theories in this field showing how these different literary theories evolved in the course of history.

Sanskrit Poetics as a Study of Aesthetic

Sanskrit Poetics as a Study of Aesthetics is a collection of lectures given by S.K.De at the University of Chicago. The book contains five chapters called 1. Introduction, 2. The Problem of Poetic Expression, 3. The Poetic Imagination, 4. Aesthetic Enjoyment and 5. Creation and Recreation. All these chapters deal with different aspects of classical Sanskrit aesthetic theories.