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Nyāyadarśan Mate Ātmā ন্যায় দর্শন মতে আত্মা

In this book, written by Tarapada Bhattacharya, one finds an elaborate analysis of the Nyāya theory of self. Following a discussion of the proofs for the existence of self, one finds  deliberations on the nature of self as distinct from body. Nyāya arguments for the view that self is eternal and has attributes have been presented. The plurality and ubiquitous nature of self have been proved. The question about the emancipation of self has been discussed. The book ends with a discussion on the nature of god as paramātmān.

Tattvamīmāṃsādarśnam तत्त्वमिमांसादर्सनम्

In this book, the author Girindranatah Vedantaratna presents his views on different aspects of classical Indian Metaphysics. The book has sixteen chapters. The author discusses several issues like the nature of the world, the nature of the individual self, the nature Adhikāri, the nature of upāsanā and the nature of liberation.