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Ārya Śāstra Pradīpa (Volume-1) আর্যশাস্ত্রপ্রদীপ (১ম খন্ড)

The present book, written by Sivaramakinkar Yogatrayananda, offers his analysis of some of the key ideas of Indian philosophy in general. The topics that have been covered in the book include 1. The difference between ārya and anārya, 2. The importance of śāstra and its knowledge, 3. The nature of logic and 4. The nature of science and its classifications. The author also talks about the nature of the philosophy of mathematics.

Ārya Śāstra Pradīpa (Volume-4) আর্যশাস্ত্রপ্রদীপ (৪র্থ খন্ড)

In this book Sivaramakinkar Yogatrayananda presents his views on 1. Theory of incarnation, 2. Theory of medicine, 3.Theory of upāṣanā, 4. Theory of yoga and its different kinds. This volume gives the reader a holistic knowledge of man as found in ancient Indian wisdom.