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Vedānta-Sūtram (Volume-3) বেদান্তসূত্রম (৩য় খন্ড)

This volume is a detailed Bengali translation and explanation of the Vedānta Sūtras contained in the third chapter of the entire Vedānta Sūtras. The Bengali translation and explanation are done by Nrtyagopal Pancatirtha. In this book, one gets a detailed explanation of the futility of the mundane rituals and argues for the pañcagni vidyā as found in Chāndogya Upaniṣad. There is also discussion on how the self goes out of the physical body and enters a new body after rebirth. The second part undertakes a discussion on the nature of sādhanabhakti which is the way to attain liberation. In the third section, one gets an analysis of the nature of Śrī Hari which is the goal to reach. The fourth part presents an analysis of the nature and varieties of vidya, i.e. Haribhakti.