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History of Navya Nyāya in Mithilā

The present book is a detailed history of Navya-Nyāya scholarship in Mithilā, located in the state of Bihar, India. Of the two main centres of Navya-Nyāya, Mithilā is well-known for being the birthplace of Gaṅgeśa, the originator of Navya-Nyāya. The book has six chapters: 1. Udayanācarya: his predecessors and successors, 2. Pre-Gaṅgeśa writers, 3. Gaṅgeśa Upādhyaya and his son Vardhamāna, 4. The age of expansion, 5. The age of four M’s and 6. Modern scholarship. The author presents brief life-sketches and brief descriptions of the works of these philosophers.